Bye Bye

It's been an awesome journey, but coaching is coming to an end at AYS to help us focus on bigger and better products to help grow online communities. You can still manage your current subscription below.

What We Offer

We're here to help you grow - see what we can offer you.

Dedicated Coach

You'll get to work with a dedicated coach who is experienced in growing communities.

Customised Advice

As this is a one-on-one service, the advice you will receive will be custom tailored to suit your community.

Premium Products

Get access to AYS' other awesome advertising and growth products.

Why Choose Us

There's a number of reasons as to why we're the best to help, here are a couple of them.

Choose Your Coaching

Access our coaching below. Simply pick a plan, and get started.



  • Coaching for communities with up to 500 members

  • Up to 1 hour of coaching per week

  • Personalised tips

  • Advertisement & community review

  • Special Role



  • Coaching for all community sizes

  • Up to 2 hours of coaching a week

  • Bot & moderation review

  • Liam & Discord Expert Premium

  • Advertisement & Community Review

Want our free plan?

  • Coaching for communities with up to 100 members

  • 1 hour of coaching every 2 weeks

  • Personalised Tips

  • Only available for two months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Coaching Program Work?
A: The coaching program pulls together all of the great things that we offer at AYS. You'll be partnered with a coach who has grown their own online community and has gone through our training program.
Q: How do the meetings work?
A: You'll generally meet weekly at a set time that you will pick with your coach at the beginning. During your time you'll discuss community growth back and forth to see what works as well as to give you some ideas and tricks.
Q: What don't you do?
A: We cannot grow the community for you, as the community owner, that is your job. We're here to help facilitate the growth process. If you don't put the work in, then you won't get the results you want.
Q: Do you have any requirements?
A: We ask that you remain in our Discord Server so we can communicate with you easily and keep track of your progress. We also ask that you give our coaches permission in your server so they can monitor progress.
Q: Do you have guarantees?
A: Yes we do. Check them out here.
Q: Where can I go if I have other questions?
If you have other questions, feel free to DM AYS Support over on our Discord Server, or email us at If you wish to pay with a different payment method, we can also facilitate that if you contact us.

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